Thursday, August 17, 2017

Concert CDs have Shipped!!!!

Aloha Ladies!
The Concert CDs you ordered were shipped on Monday, August 14.  You should have received them by now.  YAY!  If you need more or haven't ordered yours yet, you may do so by sending
$10 per CD to:

PO Box 572040
Salt Lake City, UT 84157-2040

They make great Christmas and Birthday Gifts.....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

CDs and Stuff

Aloha Ladies!!!!
Remember that time we spent 10 Sunday nights together singing our hearts out and then gave a killer concert in the Tabernacle on Temple Square?!?!?!?!?!

I’m so glad I said yes to that opportunity.  Truly. 

We’re getting ready to put together the CD of our actual concert.  If you would like to order some, please send $10 per CD to: (the cost includes shipping anywhere)

PO BOX 572040
Salt Lake City, UT 84157-2040

These CDs make great Christmas gifts especially for friends and family who couldn’t attend the concert.

One random item of business… GROUP VOICE LESSONS

I am often asked if I teach voice lessons.  I do.  I work with individuals for private lessons and I also offer group voice lessons.  The group lessons are one hour each, have 5 students and cost $20.  You will receive a practice CD and will sing better after each session.  Everyone is welcome.  There are several ladies who have taken some of the group lessons already.  Make note of when the next sessions are so you can sign up for the lesson you need.

Group Voice Lesson 1
June 20 6pm
June 20 7pm

Group Voice Lesson 2
June 20 8pm

Group Voice Lesson 1
June 21 6pm
June 21 7pm

Group Voice Lesson 2
June 21 8pm

Group Voice Lesson 2
June 27 6pm
June 27 7pm

Group Voice Lesson 3
June 27 8pm
Group Voice Lesson 2
June 28 6pm
June 28 7pm

Group Voice Lesson 3
June 28 8pm

If you are interested, please reply to this email and we’ll get you on the list!

I won’t send a general email again about the voice lessons.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Instructions for this Saturday!!!!

Aloha Ladies!!!!!
It’s almost here! YAY!  Here are instructions to make your day go beautifully
Saturday, April 29
3-5pm Dress Rehearsal in the Tabernacle
·      Be mindful of the shoes you have chosen for this awesome day.  You will be standing in them for a long time…
·      You may park in the Conference Center.  If there is a person in the ticket issue booth, tell him you are singing with We Also Sing! South and he will give you a token.  If there is no one in the booth, the gates are usually up and you won’t need the token to get out.
·      Enter the Tabernacle through door 4 and sit in the pews (don’t come up into the choir loft until invited)
·      If you need to sit during the concert, please sit in the front of the pews
·      Bring a water bottle (please make sure you take it with you)
·      Come wearing your black skirt/blouse/dress with your one colored scarf (there is no place to change)
·      Eat a little something before the rehearsal so you’re not hungry during
·      Pack food to eat in between the rehearsal and performance.  You will only have 60 minutes between the two (there really isn’t time to eat out until after the performance; you know… the Celebration Party Dinner!!!).  Please do not come to the performance hungry. J
·      We won’t have time to go through each piece entirely so make sure you are ready to sing brilliantly on all of them for the concert
·      Meet in the “Horseshoe” for some final instructions and prayer. The Horseshoe is located under the choir loft.  We’ll give you instructions on how to get there at the dress rehearsal
·      Come upstairs into the hall and take your place for “O Aula Nobilis”
·      Concert starts!!!!!!
·      Concert ends... sad face.  The next concert begins at 8pm so we need to leave the choir loft immediately.  Tell your family and friends to greet you outside the Tabernacle.
Make sure the following pieces are memorized:
1)   O Aula Nobilis
2)   Spanish Lady
3)   It Takes A Village
During the dress rehearsal we will focus on all the logistics – You seeing me and me seeing you, instrumentalists and their mics, soloists and their mics, balance between Choir, Organ and Piano, etc. etc. etc.  Please be aware of how you are treating those around you – especially the folks on Temple Square who are there to help you. 
I want you to have the best day EVER and hope that it will be more than you need it to be.
Thank you again for the magnificent picture.  Truly.

Friday, March 24, 2017

It's been so long since I've seen you!!!

Aloha Ladies!
I hope you've had an awesome two weeks since I've seen you.  I'm looking forward to our rehearsal this Sunday at our usual 6:30pm time.  YAY!

Please make sure you know O Aula Nobilis, El Vito, Zion's Walls and Psalm 23 so we can really make music together instead of pound parts.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Solo Audition Results

Aloha Ladies!

I'm excited about tomorrow's rehearsal.  We will have Doug Brewer our lead percussionist visiting and playing along with each of our songs.  Some of our ladies will be playing percussion with him as well.  Please review your music so we can sing through everything.

There were 42 of you who auditioned for solos!!! How cool is that?!?!?!
Several women had never auditioned for a solo before. I'm very proud of them.  

Here are the results :

It Takes A Village
First Solo - Karyn Keanaaina
Solo on Page 7 - Emma Woolley (as written)
Solo on Page 7 - Lora Johnston (an octave lower at the same time as Emma)
The "we all" and scat solos throughout the entire song - Morgan Rhoads

The Spanish Lady Double Trio
Soprano 1 Emily Sharp and Karly Chew
Soprano 2 Mindi Barker and Cynthia Jones
Alto Valerie Mahon and Julie Asay

For Gentle Savior and Amazing Grace, I need to see the following ladies for callback auditions tomorrow night at 5:30pm in the primary room:

Kelsey Jones
Andrea Palmer
Katie Jones
Celia Gonzales
Reneé Garner
Delaney Beacco
Melissa Kesterson
Meredith Bonita
Sarah Dever
Ami Gent
Elizabeth Sharp

See you tomorrow night!


Friday, March 3, 2017

This Sunday's Rehearsal

Aloha Ladies,
This Sunday, March 5th, Doug Brewer our lead percussionist will be visiting and playing as we sing through every song.  Please listen to your CDs and be ready to sing through everything so our time with him will be productive.

Solo Tryouts

Aloha Ladies!
We had 42 women audition for solos!!!! How cool is that?!?!?  I will be posting solos and callbacks tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  I'm still working through how to maximize the wonderful talent we have in our choir.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

See you tonight!!!

Aloha Ladies!

I missed seeing you last week and I look forward to rehearsing with you tonight.

We'll be rehearsing "It Takes A Village", "Amazing Grace" and "The Spanish Lady".

See you soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hawaiian Chant

Aloha Ladies,
The words, phonetic pronunciation and an audio file of Uncle Bill Wallace singing the chant are located under the updates and information tab.  YAY!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We have 163 ladies!

Aloha Ladies,
As of today Wednesday, February 1, we have 163 women in the choir.  YAY!  We need at least 100 more to make it a choir large enough for the large choir festival we're singing in.

When you invite your friends, let them know we need more First Sopranos and Second Altos.

We will be rehearsing Amazing Grace, The Spanish Lady and Vuelie this Sunday.  See you soon!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule
Please make sure you know your parts well for the pieces scheduled each week.  We won’t be rehearsing parts, we’ll be making music! Bolded pieces have solos.

January 22                 Listen through several of the pieces
                                    And Can It Be
                                    Gentle Savior

January 29                 Zion’s Walls
                                    It Takes A Village
                                    Psalm 23

February 5                 Vuelie
                                    Amazing Grace
                                    The Spanish Lady

February 12               O Aula Nobilis
                                    El Vito
                                    Gentle Savior

February 26               It Takes A Village
                                    Amazing Grace        
                                    The Spanish Lady

THURSDAY March 2           Solo Auditions 7PM

March 5                      Sing through all the pieces
                                    Work on the weakest pieces

March 26                    O Aula Nobilis
                                    El Vito
                                    Zion’s Walls
                                    Psalm 23

April 2                        And Can It Be
                                    Amazing Grace
                                    Gentle Savior

April 9                        The Spanish Lady
                                    It Takes A Village
                                    O Aula Nobilis
                                    El Vito            

April 23                      Sing through all the pieces

Soprano Rehearsal CDs Updated Tracks List

The Soprano 1 CD Label should read:
1. O Aula Nobilis
2. Vuelie
3. Psalm 23
4. The Spanish Lady
5. It Takes A Village
6. Amazing Grace Soprano 3
7. Zion's Walls
8. And Can It Be
9. Gentle Savior
10. El Vito
11. Amazing Grace Soprano 4

 The Soprano 2 CD Label should read:
1. O Aula Nobilis
2. Vuelie
3. Psalm 23
4. The Spanish Lady
5. It Takes A Village
6. Amazing Grace Soprano 1
7. Zion's Walls
8. And Can It Be
9. Gentle Savior
10. El Vito
11. Amazing Grace Soprano 2

It's time for We Also Sing! South 2017!

We Also Sing! South- Women’s Choir
We are women from Southern Utah.  Many of us are wives and mothers.  Some of us are divorced, widowed or single.  We are housewives, employers, employees and students.  Some of us are rich and struggling, others are poor and struggling.  We laugh, we cry, we try to make a difference.  Oh, and...  

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Merrilee Webb and I am the founder/director of We Also Sing! (Community Women’s Choir of 364 voices from the Wasatch Front) and Because We Sing! (Community Men’s Choir of 200 voices from the Wasatch Front).  For the last eight years I have split my time weekly between Salt Lake City and St. George as I have had the privilege of working as the Director of Raging Red (DSU’s Song and Dance Performing Team) at Dixie State University.
I would like to invite you to sing with me as part of the Temple Square Concert Series in the Tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 29, 2017! 
I am putting together a Women’s Choir here in Southern Utah using the same formula I used to make the two Salt Lake City choirs so successful:
*We only rehearse 10 times (once we perform in the Tabernacle, our rehearsal period is over for the entire year)
* Each singer is provided with a specially designed rehearsal CD (with live singers) to learn the music quickly
* Fun, fast paced rehearsals
* Repertoire that is as awesome for the audience member as the choir member
* No audition – Everybody is welcome. Everybody.

This choir is perfect for women who like to sing but don’t have time to commit for an entire year.  I can wholeheartedly promise that you won’t be sorry you joined us.  The details are below.

Rehearsal Schedule
The Choir rehearses from 6:30-8:30 pm

The address is: 675 E. Desert Hills Drive, St. George 84790

1.     Sunday, January 22
2.    Sunday, January 29
3.    Sunday, February 5
4.    Sunday, February 12
5.    Sunday, February 26
6.    Sunday, March 5
7.    Sunday, March 26
8.    Sunday, April 2
9.    Sunday, April 9
10. Sunday, April 23

Dress Rehearsal in the Tabernacle on Temple Square
Saturday, April 29 3-5pm

Performance in the Tabernacle on Temple Square

Saturday, April 29 6:30-7:30pm

I’m very excited about our literature.  There are lots of opportunities for soloists from the choir.

We will sing:
O Aula Nobilis
Vuelie (From “Frozen”) Several soloists
Psalm 23
The Spanish Lady 3 soloists
It Takes A Village 3 soloists
Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone 3 soloists
Zion’s Walls
And Can It Be
Gentle Savior 1 soloist
El Vito

The fee for the choir is $40 and covers the cost of the music, rehearsal CD and all other related materials. 

The director, accompanist and organist all donate their time and are not paid.

This is a large choir festival so we must have a choir of at least 300 women (there are seats for 364).  We did this in 2015 and there were 120 women from Southern Utah who sang and had a blast!

Pleas pass this information on to anyone you know who likes to sing!

If you can attend each of our rehearsals and would like to reserve your seat in the tabernacle, please come to rehearsal this Sunday, January 22nd.  Please arrive early so we can check everybody in.

Please e-mail me at with any questions.

Mahalo nui loa,

Merrilee Webb