Sunday, April 19, 2015

Here's what we wear for the concert

You get to wear a black skirt that goes below the knee (the longer the better)
A black, long sleeve blouse (at least 3/4 sleeve)
AND....  A beautiful, mono colored scarf tied however you want!  Please choose a scarf that you feel beautiful in! Below you will see the Dixie State College Women's Choir and how beautiful and individual they all look.

Please make sure you choose your shoes wisely, unless you need to sit for the concert, you will be standing for a fair amount of time during the dress rehearsal and the entire concert.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hiki Mai Chant

Hiki mai e nā pua i ka laʻie

Ke piʻi a’e la ka mauna kiʻekiʻe

Haʻa mai na kama me ka makua

He wehi pūlama aʻo ke kupuna

E kaʻi mai ana E kaʻi mai ana

E hahai i ka leo o ka haku e

Come forward and appear you precious flowers arising in the calmness of this special day.
Each of you are taking up the challenge of not simply climbing a high mountain but you have chosen to climb the highest and most majestic mountain of all.
Dance forward you children of your Heavenly Father
For is it not so that our children are so very precious, in fact, you are the most precious adornment worn around the neck of your ancestors
Come forward, come forward for there are many roads for you to choose.
Be sure to follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, for He will always keep you, protect you, and show you the way.