Thursday, April 27, 2017

Instructions for this Saturday!!!!

Aloha Ladies!!!!!
It’s almost here! YAY!  Here are instructions to make your day go beautifully
Saturday, April 29
3-5pm Dress Rehearsal in the Tabernacle
·      Be mindful of the shoes you have chosen for this awesome day.  You will be standing in them for a long time…
·      You may park in the Conference Center.  If there is a person in the ticket issue booth, tell him you are singing with We Also Sing! South and he will give you a token.  If there is no one in the booth, the gates are usually up and you won’t need the token to get out.
·      Enter the Tabernacle through door 4 and sit in the pews (don’t come up into the choir loft until invited)
·      If you need to sit during the concert, please sit in the front of the pews
·      Bring a water bottle (please make sure you take it with you)
·      Come wearing your black skirt/blouse/dress with your one colored scarf (there is no place to change)
·      Eat a little something before the rehearsal so you’re not hungry during
·      Pack food to eat in between the rehearsal and performance.  You will only have 60 minutes between the two (there really isn’t time to eat out until after the performance; you know… the Celebration Party Dinner!!!).  Please do not come to the performance hungry. J
·      We won’t have time to go through each piece entirely so make sure you are ready to sing brilliantly on all of them for the concert
·      Meet in the “Horseshoe” for some final instructions and prayer. The Horseshoe is located under the choir loft.  We’ll give you instructions on how to get there at the dress rehearsal
·      Come upstairs into the hall and take your place for “O Aula Nobilis”
·      Concert starts!!!!!!
·      Concert ends... sad face.  The next concert begins at 8pm so we need to leave the choir loft immediately.  Tell your family and friends to greet you outside the Tabernacle.
Make sure the following pieces are memorized:
1)   O Aula Nobilis
2)   Spanish Lady
3)   It Takes A Village
During the dress rehearsal we will focus on all the logistics – You seeing me and me seeing you, instrumentalists and their mics, soloists and their mics, balance between Choir, Organ and Piano, etc. etc. etc.  Please be aware of how you are treating those around you – especially the folks on Temple Square who are there to help you. 
I want you to have the best day EVER and hope that it will be more than you need it to be.
Thank you again for the magnificent picture.  Truly.